Professional Snow Removal With Ice Control and Much More In Columbia Falls, MT

Whether you need someone to remove the icicles hanging from the edges of your rooftop or require a full snow removal service for your outdoor space, you can turn to our company in Columbia Falls, MT. We serve homeowners, work for business clients, and invite you to browse our website to find out more about Thomas & Thomas LC and the pros of hiring us.

Professional Services 

Snow Removal

Snow Removal
Weather forecasts predict really low temperatures reaching to 17°F and a high of 28°F. With such cold days ahead, the chances of snowfall are really high, which is why you need to be prepared for anything. Even if the snow catches us by surprise, we can help. We will arrive at your place with the snow removal equipment necessary to take care of the accumulated snow around your property. We will create a path you can use to take out your car from the garage or simply leave your property without thinking about stepping on snow.

Ice Control

Ice Control
Icicles form on the edges of the exterior of your property where water is dripping down. While small icicles are not that frightening, large pieces of sharp ice are not safe. If you notice any icicles forming on the edges of your rooftop on the side of your front or back doors, you shouldn't neglect their presence and call for professional assistance the moment you notice them. We have the expertise and skills to safely remove any ice forming on the higher areas of your property, which will protect you and your family. 

Snow Blowing/Plowing

Snow Blowing/Plowing
One of the best practices for removing snow is through the use of plows or snow blowers. However, such pieces of equipment are expensive and just don't make sense to have if you are going to use them only once or twice a year. Instead, hiring a team of experts, such as ourselves, will not only save you time but the effort, too. We can easily remove all the snow covering your front and backyard, driveway, or road in a timely and problem-free manner. We have the tools and labor force to handle the job without you moving a finger. We promise excellent results. 

Pros to Consider 

Demonstrating professionalism with the highest form of customer service has helped Thomas & Thomas LC grow tremendously. We take pride in the quality yet cost-friendly snow plowing and blowing, as well as icicle removal and the other services we offer that come with free labor estimates. We guarantee your complete satisfaction.

Experts For the Job 

We take each job seriously, be it a snow plow service task for your front yard or the complete removal of all the snow and formed icicles on your property. We pay close attention to detail and apply safety codes when servicing each property. With easy access to top-shelf equipment and with unrivaled expertise in the field of ice control, delivering timely and hassle-free results is a promise we cannot break. 

We Serve Other Areas 

As a result of an increased interest in our services, and the desire to help as many people in the area as possible, our company became a favorite and is now available in the following areas:

  • Helena Flats, MT
  • Whitefish, MT
  • Martin. MT
  • Batavia, MT
  • Forest Hill Village, MT

Contact our company in Columbia Falls, MT if you are interested in the professional snow removal, icicle removal, and other services we provide. We look forward to hearing from you. Give us a call today!

Client’s Testimonial

by Veronika Randolph on Thomas & Thomas LC
Thank You

I'm pretty sure that it's going to snow heavily soon, so I will certainly give these guys a call, as soon as the snow starts piling up on my front and backyard. Their prices are good, as I found out last year, so I won't have to worry about the money for the snow removal service. 

Mary Kavanaugh
Mary Kavanaugh
Excellent snow removal services from this business! Prompt, efficient and always reliable - no matter the weather conditions. Highly recommend for all your snow removal needs!

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